If you’re celebrating Earth Day in 2018, you’ll be happy to know that big box retailers are doing the same. Adidas is one of the key players in the athletic shoe industry that’s aiming to do right by the environment.

In 2015, Adidas began to put an emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection as a motivator in designing shoes and maintaining a positive reputation for corporate social responsibility. Partnering with Parley for the Oceans, a project that “addresses major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet”, Adidas shifted their focus to protecting oceans, too.

And they’re not giving up just yet. According to Adidas’ Paul Bowyer, “80% of all UltraBoosts will be made with Parley recycled plastics” collected from the ocean by the end of 2018. To create Adidas’ special, environmentally-conscious UltraBoosts, it takes approximately 11 recycled plastic bottles and caps. Overall, the company’s goal is to create six million pairs of shoes in collaboration with Parley by the end of the year—meaning that over 66 million plastic bottles and caps have the potential to be removed from the ocean during this project.

Fewer bottles and plastic trash in the ocean means less pollution. Less pollution means a happier ecosystem in which we live. Isn’t that what we all want to hear on Earth Day?

Thanks to Adidas, and other companies with similar corporate social responsibility projects, we can rest a little easier on this Earth Day.

Shop on Earth Day: Adidas’ UltraBoost Sneakers

While not all Adidas UltraBoosts are made from recycled materials, you can support their mission to increase the number of shoes made from recycled ocean plastics by first supporting their brand. Looking for a new pair of sneakers to hit the gym in? Consider Adidas UltraBoosts on this Earth Day—perfect for casual athleisure looks and for hitting the gym.

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