How To Get Free Shipping on Amazon This Holiday Season

Wondering how to get free shipping on Amazon this holiday season? Here are four easy ways to score free shipping without Prime before year-end.

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Update: Amazon is offering free standard shipping (5 to 8 business days) this holiday season. No minimum purchase required—and no Prime membership! Offer is valid until 12/14 for guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. Read more about Amazon’s free holiday shipping here >>

Amazon is an absolute powerhouse in the retail realm. However, pesky shipping charges can make Amazon a pain for non-Prime members worried about saving a few extra bucks. Wondering how to get free shipping on Amazon this holiday season? If you haven’t broken down and purchased a Prime membership, here are four easy ways to score free shipping on Amazon before year-end.

How To Get Free Shipping on Amazon Without Prime

1. Add $25+ to your cart.

Wondering how to get free shipping on Amazon? Look for the words “Free Shipping” in the item description. Any item with the “Free Shipping” message that is fulfilled by Amazon is eligible to contribute to your order minimum. Add these items to your wishlist often, then when your total reaches $25+, head on over to check out. If you keep a Wish List or an Alexa Shopping List, this should be easy to track. Can’t seem to find eligible items? Add in “free shipping” at the end of your search term or filter your search on the sidebar to find qualifying items.

2. Pre-order.

Want to hear a sneaky trick to get your order up to $25+? Preorder everything. Amazon takes certain preorders (like upcoming books and movies!) into consideration when you add them to cart…however, they don’t charge your card for the preordered item until it ships. You get that item you really want later and you get free shipping on the items in your cart now.

3. Subscribe and save.

Think of the things you need to replace on a regular basis. I’m talking about hair products, makeup, diapers, and toilet paper. You usually pick these things up on your Sunday grocery run, sure—but you might be able to save more when you shop them on Amazon. Set up a Subscribe and Save for every product you need on a regular basis. Amazon will deliver them every two months, three months, or so. You choose your schedule—and they always ship for free!

4. Check the Marketplace.

Small, lightweight items like eyeliner, paperback books, or socks often ship for next to nothing when you shop the Amazon Marketplace. If an item is available in the marketplace, prices will show just below the Amazon price as ‘Other Sellers’. Never just take Amazon’s first price as the final say on what’s a good deal—sometimes you’ll find better value (and even free shipping!) when you shop ‘Other Sellers’

How To Get Free Shipping on Amazon With Prime

Last but not least, the easiest way to get free shipping on Amazon is through a Prime account. For students, it’s a no-brainer—Prime memberships are only $59 per year. For everyone else, it’s $119—but well worth it if you’re planning to buy a lot of items on Amazon. Don’t want to commit to the year? You can always sign up for Amazon’s month-to-month Prime membership through the holiday season ($12.99 per month with free cancellation)!

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