Looking for Deals on Running Shoes? Here’s How to Find Them

You don’t need a gym membership; running is the best “free” form of exercise…or so they say. Running is often considered an accessible sport. But, when you add up the cost of running apparel and athletic shoes, you’ll quickly find that this activity is more costly than anticipated.

You don’t need a gym membership; running is the best “free” form of exercise…or so they say. Running is often considered an accessible sport. But, when you add up the cost of running apparel and athletic shoes, you’ll quickly find that this activity is more costly than anticipated. High-end (and even budget) running gear isn’t cheap. In order to save some cash, you have to search for deals.

While not impossible, discount running shoes in your preferred size and color can be hard to find. You often have to wait for a sale at JackRabbit or Joe’s New Balance Outlet…or you have to fork out a small fortune to pay full-price, right? Wrong. If you know when, where, and how to find the best deals on running shoes, you too can stay fit on a budget.

Tips For Finding the Best Deals on Running Shoes

We love to help people find a great price on what they’re looking for—Purcado is the leading deal finding site for shoes. Here are a few of the best tips for finding deals on running shoes from our staff.

Tip #1: Know when to shop for running shoes.

Knowing when to shop for running shoes is half the battle. Retailers offer deals on running shoes at roughly the same time each year—early January and late spring. Early January makes the most sense, right? Shoppers have recently made their New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym more often. Brands know this to be true—so to entice shoppers into a new pair of kicks to compliment their pricey gym membership, prices on running shoes drop after Christmas.

During late spring, thoughts of warmer days are dancing around in your head. With a sudden desire to shop for vacation, fitness is probably on the back burner. Brands are preparing for new running shoe styles to drop in the fall, and they need to rid their back-stock of last season’s trends. Looking for deep discounts? Shop before mid-June to find the best deals.

Tip #2: Browse discount sites.

At first instinct, you might be inclined to shop your favorite retailer—like Nordstrom, Finish Line, or Macy’s. Stop right there. If you only peruse one or two sites you might be missing out on some killer savings. Knowing where to shop for running shoes is the other half of the battle. Some retailers are always going to offer extra discounts, coupons, and special sales; others are going to present you with the full price every time. Browse sites like Joe’s New Balance Outlet—a hidden gem for finding a great deal on New Balance sneakers—or the clearance sections of major sites like Macy’s and Finish Line. For high-fashion deals, consider Nordstrom Rack.

Tip #3: Search for last season’s running shoe styles.

New and improved running shoes might be your go-to. You want the latest and greatest technology, right? Truth is, sneaker upgrades aren’t always about quality. Many of the same benefits can be found in older models. The beauty of online shopping is that you can find deep discounts on last year’s running shoes from your favorite retailers with a single search. What we’re saying is, if you want a deep discount, start by searching for last year’s model. You’ll get the brand and style you love at way better price.

Tip #4: Sort low to high.

For seasoned bargain hunters, a tip of ‘sorting low to high’ is child’s play. However, if you’re new to seeking out deals on running shoes, you might not yet know the beauty of sorting and filtering your search results. Sorting low to high on any site can allow you to see only the shoes you can afford—trust us when we say, it helps to avoid the feeling of longing for those $180 UltraBoosts. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Tip #5: Use a price-comparison tool.

Does hopping from retailer to retailer and roaming clearance sections sound exhausting? Finding deals on running shoes might seem like an impossible task…until now. If you’re not a deal finder by nature (and you absolutely loathe rummaging through clearance and discount shops!), you’ll love Purcado. Purcado’s price comparison tool lets you search for the exact shoe you want at 60+ stores at once. In one browser tab, you can see which retailer has the best price and link directly to the site to purchase. It’s the no-hassle way to find the best deal on running shoes.

How Does Purcado Help You Find Deals on Running Shoes?

At Purcado, we curate daily shoe deals from major retailers, hidden gems, and almost every site in between. Looking for deals on running shoes? Check out our Deals page to see what we’ve found for you. Don’t see anything you like? Effortlessly search for the shoes you want using the search bar at the top of our site. In seconds, we’ll present you with the best price on the web today. Wishing for a new pair of shoes at a discount? Think of Purcado as a genie in a bottle…only you get more than just three wishes. You get as many wishes as you want (as long as they’re about finding the best deal on shoes!).

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Water Shoes For Kids: How To Choose The Best Pair For Summer

Ready for summer? As a cautious parent, save yourself some worry and choose a decent pair of water shoes to protect your little’s feet.

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Do your kids love to splash around in puddles get their shoes in the pool, and run through the tide at the beach? Of course, they do—they’re just kids after all! As a cautious parent, save yourself the worry this summer and choose a decent pair of water shoes for kids to protect your little one’s feet. They’ll love the new kicks and you’ll rejoice for no more wet sneakers or bad blisters on the family vacation.

What Are Water Shoes—And Do You Really Need Them?

Water shoes were designed to keep your kids’ feet safe from harm. They can help little ones from slipping and falling near all of the wet surfaces they’re likely to encounter this summer. The best water shoes for kids and toddlers can reduce the risk of slipping when walking around the neighborhood pool or playing near the shallow end. Water shoes for kids can also protect their feet from sharp seashells, rocks, or rough sand at the bottom of the ocean. And, they also protect your little one’s feet from germs and icky parasites that might be floating in or around the water!

Our advice? While they aren’t a summer requirement, kids’ water shoes are a pretty good idea to have packed for the pool or your family vacation—especially if your child is accident-prone or loves to make messes.

Why Should Kids Avoid Regular Shoes When Playing In Water?

Regular kids shoes aren’t water-resistant. If you let your little one in the water with their soft sneakers or strappy sandals, you’re going to have a soggy mess. Wet shoes can also leave major blisters on your child’s feet—and we know this is something you want to avoid. Water shoes for kids are made of water-resistant materials—usually mesh—that dry quickly. Dry feet are happy feet, and when your kids have happy feet they’re happy, too!

How To Choose The Best Water Shoes For Kids

When it comes to choosing the best water shoes for kids, functionality is key. Style should always come second. You want to make sure you are choosing the most functional water shoes to protect your little’s feet. When shopping for kids water shoes, you should look for:

Sturdy soles

They’ll keep your little one’s feet protected from seashells, hot concrete, and sandy shores. Just make sure you don’t confuse sturdy for bulky. Kids water shoes should be lightweight, even with a sturdy, well-built sole.

Closed Toes

Keep their little toes safe by seeking out kids water shoes with closed toes. Open-toed kids water shoes leave the door open for stubbed toes and scrapped feet.

Lightweight materials

Kids are going to run and play; that’s what summers are for. Don’t slow them down (or give them more of an opportunity to trip!) in bulky water shoes.

Breathable uppers

Nothing is worse than stinky, sweaty feet in the summer—especially when it’s your kids’ stinky, sweaty feet. Choose kids water shoes with breathable uppers (often made of mesh) to keep their feet dry—even at the water park!

Good grip

To avoid unforeseen slips and slides on the pool deck, make sure your kids’ water shoes you choose have a good grip. Good grip on the bottom of the water shoes can save your kids from many water accidents.

When you find kids water shoes that check off all of these boxes, you’ll know you’ve found a good pair!

Purcado Saves You $ While Shopping for Shoes

Purcado is a price-comparison tool with the goal of saving busy moms like you time and money when shopping for shoes. Committed to helping you find the best deal every single day, our one-of-a-kind search engine compares prices on over 200,000 of shoes from 60+ retailers instantly—and the average user saves 30% OFF retail price. Why pay more for the same pair? Try us out today.

Partner With Purcado: Deidra Craig

We partnered with the blogger and social media extraordinaire, Deidra Craig, of the CoilsCurlsAndCoffee blog. She included us on a pretty rad post, My 5 Summer Shoe Shopping Tips Featuring Purcado.

At Purcado, we love working with bloggers and social media influencers to spread the word about our new shopping technology. We created a platform that makes online shopping as simple as a single search—but, we needed powerful voices to spread the word.

Local to Durham, North Carolina, we love to work with influencers in the Triangle. As a hub of technology and innovation, locals understand the impact a shopping search engine like Purcado could have in the retail space—and they enjoy being the first to tell their friends about us.

Most recently, we partnered with the blogger and social media extraordinaire, Deidra Craig, of CoilsCurlsAndCoffee. She included us on a pretty rad post, My 5 Summer Shoe Shopping Tips Featuring Purcado

Who’s Deidra Craig?

Deidra Craig is the brains and beauty behind the blog CoilsCurlsAndCoffee. Local to North Carolina, she’s kind of a jack of all trades. Working as a Communications Specialist by day, Deidra pursues a graduate degree by night and operates her blog. She credits much of her success to coffee, of course! 

An Interview With Deidra Craig

We had the chance to sit down with Deidra and ask her a few questions about her blog, her life, her style, and how much she loves shopping with Purcado. 

Q: When did you start blogging? And, what was your inspiration?

A: I started blogging sometime around 2012. I’ve always been a writer. I’ve written for two local newspapers, but after undergrad, my writing skills were starting to wear off. As a way to keep my writing sharp while on hiatus from school, I decided to start blogging. Soon, blogging to sharpen my writing skills turned into helping people. I always get questions about my personal style, my hair journey, and beauty routine, so I decided to share my style and beauty tips on the blog. I add a splash of my life in North Carolina to the blog too—because it’s impossible for me to not talk about my amazing family and friends who have been the best support system EVER. They are my biggest blog supporters and I’m so grateful for them!

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: Oh gosh, I’m all over the place when it comes to style. I’m completely and totally obsessed with color. I like to wear anything that makes the world a brighter place. Aside from my color obsession, I’m really into vintage fashion, particularly looks from the 60’s and 70’s. Everything about these eras is so me.

I’m completely and totally obsessed with color. I like to wear anything that makes the world a brighter place.

I love the big hair, platform or block heel shoes, high waisted denim, form-fitting collar tops, and big earrings. Many of the looks featured on my blog have the sixties and seventies feel to them. I’m also no stranger to a flowy, hippie-style maxi dress. Who doesn’t love the feel of a fresh cotton dress on their skin? Flowy cotton dresses are my absolute fave for a warm summer day.

I’m not so much into trends or “what’s hot”. My rule? If I like it, I buy it. To sum it all up, I like my hair big, my accessories big, and my colors bright. Onlookers beware, my bright colors may blind you!

Q: What’s your favorite shoe to search for on Purcado?

A: Oh gosh, the options are limitless. Currently, I’m digging the sandal and heel selections. I have to get ready for a few weddings and get-togethers this season, so I believe it’s time to shop! Whose with me?

Q: Have you found a good deal on Purcado? Anything you’d like to recommend?

A: Uh, YEAH! Of course, I have! I highly recommend searching for open toe block heels. Block heels have such a vintage vibe to them. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I have shoes like this in my closet already, but there’s no harm in getting another, right?

Q: What do you love most about using Purcado?

A: Other than the AMAZING deals, I’m pleased with the search-friendly aspect. I don’t feel like I have to sift through pages and pages of shoes that don’t interest me. I can filter out exactly what I’m looking for and find the best deals. It makes shopping quick and easy. I almost always still end up looking through pages and pages of shoes because I’m shoe-obsessed, but if you’re short on time, just know, Purcado will make finding what you need effortless and quick.

Q: What advice would you give to an aspiring blogger?

A: One of the most important qualities needed to succeed as a blogger is communication skills. This seems so simple but it really is the key to gaining a following that will appreciate your content. On my blog, I talk just how I would with a friend because that’s how I want to reach my following; I want them to know that all are welcome. I want my communication to be authentic, real, and high energy. One thing that I’ve learned along the way is that being myself is enough. I am enough!

Being yourself is not something you learn or can buy, you already know how to do it. My mission, for every post, is to make the world smile and turn all the black and white in the world into color. I’m here to spread joy—and, if I make you smile, I’ve done my job.

My advice? Be you! Do you! For you!

My advice? Be you! Do you! For you! Don’t worry about your following, instead, invest your energy into gaining authentic followers that appreciate your voice and what you have to say. Last but not least, always remember that your voice is like no other. There is only one of you, you can’t be duplicated, so just remember that you’re already winning.

How You Can Partner With Purcado

Are you a lifestyle, fashion, or fitness blogger? We’re looking for partners—just like you!—to help promote the Purcado brand and the new technology surrounding our price comparison tool. If you love innovation, creative marketing techniques, and have a passion for fashion, you’ll be an ideal fit. Contact us today at support@purcado.com!

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Celebrating Earth Day? Here’s How Adidas Plans To Save The Oceans

If you’re celebrating Earth Day in 2018, you’ll be happy to know that big box retailers are doing the same. Adidas is one of the key players in the athletic shoe industry that’s aiming to do right by the environment.

If you’re celebrating Earth Day in 2018, you’ll be happy to know that big box retailers are doing the same. Adidas is one of the key players in the athletic shoe industry that’s aiming to do right by the environment.

In 2015, Adidas began to put an emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection as a motivator in designing shoes and maintaining a positive reputation for corporate social responsibility. Partnering with Parley for the Oceans, a project that “addresses major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet”, Adidas shifted their focus to protecting oceans, too.

And they’re not giving up just yet. According to Adidas’ Paul Bowyer, “80% of all UltraBoosts will be made with Parley recycled plastics” collected from the ocean by the end of 2018. To create Adidas’ special, environmentally-conscious UltraBoosts, it takes approximately 11 recycled plastic bottles and caps. Overall, the company’s goal is to create six million pairs of shoes in collaboration with Parley by the end of the year—meaning that over 66 million plastic bottles and caps have the potential to be removed from the ocean during this project.

Fewer bottles and plastic trash in the ocean means less pollution. Less pollution means a happier ecosystem in which we live. Isn’t that what we all want to hear on Earth Day?

Thanks to Adidas, and other companies with similar corporate social responsibility projects, we can rest a little easier on this Earth Day.

Shop on Earth Day: Adidas’ UltraBoost Sneakers

While not all Adidas UltraBoosts are made from recycled materials, you can support their mission to increase the number of shoes made from recycled ocean plastics by first supporting their brand. Looking for a new pair of sneakers to hit the gym in? Consider Adidas UltraBoosts on this Earth Day—perfect for casual athleisure looks and for hitting the gym.

About Purcado

At our core, Purcado is a price-comparison tool with the goal of saving you time and money when shopping for shoes. We’re committed to helping you find the best deal on shoes every single day. Use Purcado’s one-of-a-kind search engine to compare prices on thousands of shoes from 65+ retailers instantly. We’ve got all of your favorite brands—Nike, Adidas, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman and more—at prices you’ll love.

Our philosophy? If you paid full price for the shoes on your feet, you’ve paid too much. If you shop around and shop often, you’re sure to find the same shoes at a lower price. But you don’t have the time to hop from store to store—and we get that. With Purcado, we take the stress out of shoe shopping by saving you time and money—and giving you peace of mind that you scored the best deal!

Not convinced? The average Purcado user saves 30% OFF retail price from all of the top brands. Why pay more for the same pair of shoes? Try us out today and see why we’re the new way to shop!

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How Purcado Saves You $

Not Using Purcado? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You’re Missing Out

Forget paying a premium for comfort and style. Purcado helps you find quality shoes in the size, style, and color you want at the absolute best price.

Think about this: how many pairs of shoes do you go through in a year? Even if you’re not a fashionista or an Olympic athlete, it’s probably a few pairs—at least. Trends change. You wear through sneakers at gym. Your sandals fall apart. You get it—shoes are the one item we wear and tear without fail.And because happy feet are essential to your health—it’s likely that you spend a lot on shoes. You’re choosing brand names for comfort and style—because the best brands are more durable, right? Sure. And you have to pay a premium for quality, right? Wrong. That’s where Purcado steps in—we help you find quality shoes in the size, style, and color you want at the absolute best price. Forget paying a premium for comfort and style. Not using Purcado yet? Here’s why you’re missing out.

1. Purcado users save some serious money.

Here at Purcado, we believe that if you pay full price for a pair of shoes, you’re paying too much. Shoes go on sale every single day—you just have to know where to look for deals. By using our one-of-a-kind search engine, we help you find low prices on the shoes you want by comparing prices across 60+ online retailers. Want to know how much you’ll save? Our average user saves 30% off MSRP—and a few of our lucky users save up to 70% off—every time they shop with Purcado.

2. We save you time, too.

Are you a busy mom? An overworked recent grad? Don’t have time to shop around for the best deal? We can help with that. Instead of hopping from site to site to find the shoes you want, search Purcado once. Just type in the name, style or brand of shoe you want and we’ll present you with a price comparison—instantly.

3. We’re always in the know about the best sales.

And we like to share! Don’t know what kind of shoe you’re looking for? No worries—Purcado is also a great place to start when you’re just looking for a killer deal. Our deal-focused Facebook group—Purcado Perks—houses deep discounts from top retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Tilly’s, Finish Line, and Target. We update our deals every day—and let the Purcado community share deals, too—so you’ll always be in the know about major sales and places to save, too!

4. We have a knack for being fashion-forward.

In addition to being an awesome price comparison tool, Purcado also offers advice on fashion, style, wellness and more via our blog. Our team (all well-versed in the world of shoes) creates content for everyone—from the CrossFit junkie to the stay-at-home-mom to the collegiate fashionista.

So, How Does Purcado Work?

We’re glad you asked. Purcado is simple—you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use our website. In three simple steps—search, compare, save—you can use our technology to simplify the process of shopping for and finding a great deal on shoes.We operate with the most advanced shoe comparison tool on the web. By searching once with Purcado, you can eliminate the frustrating hop from site to site (or store to store in a crowded mall) to find the best deal on shoes. We let you search by brand or type of shoe to instantly find the lowest price across 60+ retailers—yes, we said instantly. All you have to do is search—we take care of the rest! Try us out today. 

Holiday Shipping Deadlines to Make Sure Your Gifts Arrive On Time

As the holidays are fast approaching, Santa’s little elves—you know the ones at the post office—are hard at work. Here’s what that means for you and your Christmas gifts.

As the holidays are fast approaching, Santa’s little elves—you know the ones at the post office—are hard at work. Because so many people send things via snail mail this time of year, services like Amazon, FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service have to flex their schedule just a bit. But what does that mean for you and your Christmas gifts?

You want to make sure your gifts arrive on time. So, you’re probably going to have to flex your schedule a bit, too. Shipping something through USPS? Send packages and cards out earlier than normal—a week before they need to arrive is the most common recommendation. And a far as shopping online? The earlier you shop the better, because stores have similar shipping policies to make sure they can guarantee delivery by Christmas.  

Haven’t finished your shopping? Don’t sweat it. You still have time to shop, ship and have a jolly ol’ time. Here are the most important delivery dates and deadlines you should know if you’re still picking out some last minute gifts.


Shop Nordstrom to find the perfect gift for every fashion girl and guy in your life. The last day for two-business-day shipping is December 20. Last day for free standard shipping on gift cards and qualifying merchandise is December 21. Miss the deadline? Order online and pickup in store. 


Want a great deal on shoes and boots fro the family? Macy’s is where it’s at. For standard shipping and premium shipping, order by 5 p.m. on December 20. For express shipping, order by noon on December 21. Found something online after the cut-off date? No worries, you can buy online and pickup in store until 10 a.m. on December 24.


Zappos offers fast, free shipping every day with no order minimums. To get your order by Christmas morning, order before December 21.


Amazon is your one-stop-shop for all of the gifts on your wish list this season. The last day for standard shipping is Monday, December 18 if you want your items before the holiday.

Are you a Prime member? You’re guaranteed free two-day shipping until December 22, free one-day shipping until December 23 and Prime Now 2-hour delivery until December 24.


Target has a lot of great deals for the holiday season—and free shipping until December 23. Just make sure to order by 11:59 p.m. on December 20.  Choose “holiday shipping delivery” if available and the package is guaranteed to be delivered by then.

Finish Line

Need new sneakers for the family? Want a cool pair of Nikes for the kids under the tree? Order from Finish Line by December 17 for guaranteed Christmas delivery and get free shipping when you spend $75 or more.


ShoeMall is offering great discounts on every day shoes and designer brands throughout the season. Choose free standard shipping and order by noon CST on December 15 for guaranteed delivery. Choose priority shipping and order by noon CST on December 17 for guaranteed delivery. Need it fast? Choose express shipping at checkout and order by 11:00 a.m. CST on December 20.


Shopping for a sneakerhead? Footshop carries the latest and greatest in trendy sneakers for men and women. Shop until December 15 for guaranteed Christmas delivery.  

Want to get the best price on your favorite shoe brands? Search with Purcado to find the lowest price on Nikes, Adidas, Converse and more every single day. Want to learn more? Follow us on Instagram!

How to Make Inexpensive Holiday Cards With Just Your iPhone

When it comes to planning the family holiday card, there are two types: those who have their photos taken, cards printed, and letters mailed by December 1 and those (AKA you) who just looked at the calendar and said: “oh no, not again”.

When it comes to planning the family holiday card, there are two types: those who have their photos taken, cards printed, and letters mailed by December 1 and those (AKA you) who just looked at the calendar and said: “oh no, not again”. Don’t fret, though—we’re saving you this year in more ways than one. First, we want to help you make inexpensive holiday cards with the tools you already own. 

Here’s our guide to taking a professional-looking photo with just an iPhone (so you don’t have to hire an actual professional or pay your friend with the DSLR)—plus tips for finding the best deals on holiday shoes to wear for your photos.

Decide what you’re wearing.

Coordinating outfits with the entire family can be a struggle, but the perfect holiday card requires a solid plan. Inexpensive holiday cards are doable if your outfits are already in your closet! Pick a color-scheme—and, to save money, choose something out of your own closet. If you need a new pair of winter boots, then shop around first. Don’t buy before comparing prices—use a site like Purcado to easily compare prices on your favorite shoe brands or styles to know exactly where to shop to get the best deal. 

Plan the shoot.

You can’t simply take the photo for your inexpensive holiday cards , you need to have a plan. Where will you shoot it? What time of day? Who will take the photo? Plan ahead. Pick a day that forecasts decent weather, then choose the golden hour to shoot—at sunrise or an hour before sunset. Choose a few good poses. Stagger the subjects, with some standing and some sitting, and always have adults hold children. Whatever you decide, just make sure it looks natural, not staged. Also, mixing in few different poses keeps the shoot fresh and gives you more options once it comes time to create the card.

Set up the shot.

When it’s time take the photo, you’ll need to set up the shot. If you or someone in your family is blessed with an iPhone 7 Plus (or better yet an iPhone X), set your phone to Portrait mode and go. You’ll be shocked by the ease of this “professional” photo shoot. Don’t have a fancy iPhone camera? It’s okay, Dad who hasn’t given up his iPhone 5, you can still take a great photo. Achieve perfect lighting by tapping and holding anywhere on the screen to lock AE/AF, and then slide your finger up or down to adjust the exposure. Remember, the best photos are taken outdoors, in good lighting, with a non-busy background (think: open field or brick wall).

Don’t forget to edit.

Every great photographer knows their job isn’t done when the camera turns off. Processing, editing, and touching up is an art in itself. But thankfully, it’s easy as pie—and you can do it all from your phone. Inexpensive holiday cards aren’t impossible—even when editing the photos. You don’t need a Lightroom subscription. For a low price, editing apps like VSCO can bring life to your image with unique filters and lighting options. Don’t see a filter you like? You can purchase the perfect coloring pack on the VSCO app for as low as $1.99—still cheaper than a professional photographer.

Make those inexpensive holiday cards.

There are also several apps that let you make inexpensive holiday cards straight from your phone. Here are a few favorites.

Felt. With this easy-to-use app for the iPhone or iPad, you can save time writing and sending countless holiday cards. With Felt, you can create one card to rule them all, plug in different addresses and send. No more hand cramps from writing, stuffing envelopes or fussing with stamps. Felt cards start at just $3, including postage!

Ink. With over 500 customizable card designs, Ink is the go-to app for creatives looking to make the perfect Christmas card. Each card starts at $1.99 (including postage!).

Shutterfly. Shutterfly offers an easy-to-use desktop or mobile app for designing your cards. Simply navigate to their site or download their app, upload your photos and start creating. Cards start at $0.76, not including postage!

Send, send, send.

Once you collect the addresses of friends and family, it’s time to send out your cards. All of these apps—with the exception of Shutterfly—will address and mail your cards for you, so you can skip this step. However, if you choose Shutterfly, you’ll have to mail them yourself. You could go to the Post Office and wait in line, but we all know how maddening that can be—especially during the holidays. Save time by ordering postage online—either at USPS or Stamps.com.

So, now you know the secret to an easy, fast and inexpensive holiday cards that still look amazing—what are you waiting for? Head to Purcado to find the lowest price on holiday shoes. Then, grab your phone, some festive sweaters and get to work!

Purcado Can Save You $ On Your Holiday Shoes & Boots

Purcado is the shoe search engine—and the quickest and easiest way to find shoes online for less. Think of us as the Trivago of footwear (and the ultimate shoe sale!). We present you with prices from 100+ retailers all in one place, so you can easily see the savings. When you need a new pair of shoes, don’t pay full price. Search with Purcado and find the best deal on the web.

Best part? Our service really works to save you money (and it’s FREE to use). The average Purcado user saves 30% off retail price on the athleisure, fashion, and running shoes they actually want. Smart shoppers search with Purcado first—try us out today!

5 Simple Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

This year, remember what Thanksgiving is all about: being grateful and thankful for what we have and spreading that joy to our friends and neighbors.

For many, Thanksgiving evokes images of giant turkeys, dining tables overflowing with food, and family gathered around the kitchen to say grace. You laugh. You cry. You catch up with long-distance cousins. You hug Aunt Deb a thousand times because she can’t believe how big you’ve grown. You don’t think much about how special it is because you know you’ll be back here in a month to do this all over again at Christmas.

If that was you, do you know how fortunate you are? For many families, the thought of Thanksgiving paints a very different picture. Maybe they don’t have family to celebrate with or perhaps they can’t afford the luxury of a holiday feast. Either way, this is the year to remember what Thanksgiving is all about: being grateful and thankful for what we have and spreading that joy to our friends and neighbors.

Take this holiday as an excuse to do something kind for another. From feeding the homeless to trotting along on a 5K, there are plenty of opportunities to serve your community on Thanksgiving (and year-round!)—here are 5 ways to give back this holiday season.

1. Run a 5K for a Cause

Have an athletic family? Forgo the turkey this year, lace up your running shoes, and hit the trail. Most major cities, and even some small towns, hold 5K races on Thanksgiving to raise money for local charities or nonprofits. Even if you don’t like to run, you can always help by volunteering with packet pick-up before events or set up before the big day.

2. Donate to a Local Food Bank

Did you overestimate how many cans of cranberry sauce you’d need? Want to pick up a few extra cans of soup and veggies on your grocery run? Donate them to a local food bank and help families in need have a Thanksgiving meal, too. Don’t know where to donate? You can look up the location of a nearby food bank and learn how to donate here.

3. Visit a Nursing Home

Older folks in a nursing home may not be in good enough health to visit long-distance family this holiday season. Brighten their day by offering even just a few minutes of company. Want to make a bigger impact? Organize a volunteer event for your church group or community organization—the more smiling faces the merrier!

4. Clean Out Your Closet

Since the holidays are all about giving (not receiving!), what better way to show support and love to your community than to help keep them warm. You just bought a new jacket for yourself and your kids, but what about those who can’t afford winter clothing? Take this time to empty out your closet and get rid of old hats, sweatshirts, coats, mittens, and boots. Don’t have anything to give away? Go out and buy some affordable clothing—from a place like Target—and donate it to a local charity.

5. Help Your Neighbor

Giving back on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a grand gesture of generosity. A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Help out your neighbor by mowing their lawn when you mow yours. Offer to babysit for the single mother down the street. Giving back to people you know is just as rewarding and thoughtful as helping your greater community.

Thanksgiving is a time to remember who matters the most: the people around us. Whether it’s family, friends, co-workers or community members with whom you spend most of your time, do something kind for them this holiday season. You’ll see how special a simple act of giving can be.

From all of us at Purcado, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Neiman Marcus’ Fall Accessories Campaign Is Genius—and Here’s Why

It should come as no surprise that here at Purcado our team loves a good pair of shoes. As many of us are self-proclaimed sneakerheads, we aim to stay up to date on fashion trends. It’s our mission to provide our readers with the most eye-catching styles and show-stopping deals. As per our newest team member, you might also notice that we love animals. 

Purcado welcomes four-legged team member, Britt.

What’s better than puppies? Nothing—and, as you can see in the cutest (and furriest!) campaign ever, Neiman Marcus, agrees with us.

Want to put a smile on your face? Shoes and puppies can do just that. In a genius marketing feat Neiman Marcus and The Dogist, an Instagram account run by photographer Elias Weiss Friedman, paired designer shoes and adorable dogs to show off (and sell!) this season’s hottest accessories.

Credit: The Dogist (@thedogist) collaboration with Neiman Marcus

Why Successful Brands Advertise Using Animals 

According to the American Pet Products Association, it’s estimated that 78 million dogs and 85.8 million cats are owned in the United States. Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat. What do these statistics tell us?

People love animals—especially their own. Pets are a cherished part of every family, with special privileges and a unique place in our hearts.

When placed at the forefront of an advertisement, they work. And, the reason is simple. The love and adoration we have for our pets can be channeled to create positive first impressions and greater customer attention. Think about those Super Bowl ads that featured a furry Golden Retriever. They’re memorable because you probably pictured yourself.

Budweiser ‘Someone Waits For You At HomeBudweiser’ Super Bowl TV Spot (2014)

If you’re the guy going out with his buddies, you definitely want to make it home for your Fido, too. And, let’s be honest, who’s not still singing along to the K9 Advantix dog from 2008?  

K9 Advantix ‘Hello Mother, Hello Father’ TV Spot (2009)

In marketing, the most basic formula for a successful campaign lies in the ability to find a common connection between you and your consumer. Marketers spend much of their time trying to discover what will grab the attention of the largest number of people in their audience.

Animals offer something that other advertising techniques cannot: inclusivity. Sure, there are different breeds and sizes, but overall animals appeal to people regardless of demographics. Oh, and they’re really cute.

So, Neiman Marcus, we applaud you for finding the golden ticket—and we don’t mind ogling cute shoes and fluffy puppies while admiring your fall campaign. You most definitely got our attention.